Top Interior Decor Trends 2018

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It’s that time of the year where everyone begins to wonder what kind of interior designs are going to be trendy. Should you buy new furniture? Should you get rid of that old gold framed mirror? Well you may be shocked to hear that a lot of what top designers predict, are actually last year’s trends. Don’t get rid of anything just yet, because your old gear might still be hot this year!

Generally associated with nurseries, there are ways for pastel colors to be adult friendly as well. Soft, soothing and versatile, pastel can be simply placed in any room. Perfect for just a little bit of color without being obnoxious. Also great for aiding senses and relaxation.

If you love to be bold, go for the pop of color! You should have a base or a color for foundation. This is usually a neutral color or colors. Pick an item such as a rug, artwork, flowers, or pillows with a bright bold color. It will really give the room a kick and make it exciting. This trend has been going strong for a while now and we don’t see it dying anytime soon.

You don’t have to be in school for this one, but geometry is in again this year! If you want something modern with an edge, geometric shapes are the way to go. Triangles, circles, and squares can be very interesting to the eye.


Houseplants are rapidly becoming an item in homes. Great for your health or if you just want to get rid of some of those pesky mosquitoes. Hang them, shelf them, or have them set on side tables. You have plenty of options with how to set them up and plenty of options for the styles and aura you want to give off with all of the different species.

If you are more into the bohemian-chic style, you will want to get a hold of anything with fringing, tassels, macrame, tufting, or feathers. You can easily find throws, cushions, wall-hangings, rugs and accessories almost anywhere! The best thing about this style, is its affordable. You could even find some vintage treasures at the thrift store!

Another throwback that is making its way to this century, velvet furniture! Give your place a darker color pallette victorian feel. A lot of people think that this style is expensive and hard to find, but it does not have to be expensive and you can even find this style at the thrift store as well! The victorian style would be wooded furniture, china, porcelain, and sterling silver, along with beautiful wall coverings and wallpaper. If you’re not a fan of bold colors or the modern look, this would be perfect for you! If you are a modern fan, there are ways to have a modern victorian look too!

There’s really so many choices and styles, the trickiest thing when designing your home is picking the one that suits you best!