Are you looking to sell your home quickly for cash? We buy homes cash, all over the DFW! No commission for sellers to pay if they sell direct to us. Call me for a free consultation about your options. Whether the best choice is to list the home at full market price, sell for quick cash, work something out with the bank, or get creative with solutions, we are here to help. No charge, no commitment, just good free information.


Facing Foreclosure: If you are in a situation where you are behind on your payments, you have options. If you sell your home early enough in the process, you should be able to sell your home at full market value if it is in good condition without having to go through the process of a shortsale or auction. When your home is far enough in the foreclosure process, the bank may give you the option to shortsale your home if you owe at or more than market value, meaning they will sell the home for less than the amount that is owed and while your credit will have a bad mark, it will not have a foreclosure. If you do not sell or shortsale your home, then it will go to auction if you can't catch up your payments.  If you are facing the auction block or tired of dealing with the stress of foreclosure or a shortsale, you can always sell your home cash before it is auctioned off. You will have to sell for less than market value, but you will avoid foreclosure, bankruptcy, and being forced from your home by the sheriff and all your belongings put on the curb. We can help you find out what options you have that are best for you. We can list your home at market value, shortsale it out, and we also buy homes cash. We are here to answer any and all questions and will work to help you in any way we can.


Probate Properties: Properties inherited by probate are bittersweet. As probate real estate specialists, we have experience in assisting in the sale of an inherited home. We also can put you in touch with top probate attorneys that specialize in probate and probate courts. 


Distressed Homes: If your home is in need of serious (or even minor) repair, you cannot, or do not want to, fix it and you need to sell it quickly, we can help. No commission paid by you if we buy your home. Homes with foundation problems, bad roofs, plumbing issues, no AC, etc. will not qualify for financing and can be a burden to get rid of. We purchase any home, any condition. 


Upside Down Or No Equity: We also help homeowners with upside down and no equity. Ask us how we can